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  • Hon. John L. DeMarco (Ret.)

  • Kyle D. Taylor

  • Bill MacDonald, Of Counsel

Government regulation can have a profound impact on business operations and is a crucial factor in corporate strategic planning.  Regulatory and enforcement actions by countless federal and state agencies can impose significant costs, foreclose promising opportunities, or even threaten the livelihood of a business. In this era of unprecedented government oversight and intervention in private business, the attorneys at DeMarco Taylor can make a difference by combining substantive legal analysis with a sophisticated understanding of the legislative and regulatory process, bringing legislative experience, regulatory expertise, and litigation skills. At DeMarco Taylor we have a deep familiarity with the administrative law process and a proven track record of helping clients achieve their strategic goals and business objectives. Our services range from assisting clients with regulatory approvals, navigating various regulatory actions, advising on existing and proposed laws and regulations, ensuring compliance with federal, state and local election, campaign finance and ethics laws and regulations, and representing candidates, candidate’s committees and political committees in disputes. 
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